Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Sister's guide to getting Married – What They Dont Tell You - Part 1


This series came about after many talks with Muslim Sisters, both born Muslims and converts, discussing important issues that they felt were left out of the the big marriage to-do in halaqas, and at Muslim events.

Getting married is a big deal in any person's life. As Muslim Sisters who live in Western countries this can be particularly challenging, balancing our faith with our culture...and all the other “back home” cultures that matriculate in our local communities. There are all the general halaqas and conference meet-ups that try to encourage single Muslims to mingle and potentially find a life partner, but it seems that most of them leave out some pretty important info that every sister considering marriage should think about.

Issues of Maher (dowry), marriage counseling, paying for the wedding, the honeymoon and kids always seem to be the main themes of these get-togethers. But what about the other very real issues that sisters face when trying to choose a spouse? This new article series hopes to bring to light some of those very important and often ignored phenomenon that go on beneath the surface as Sisters navigate the marriage pool.

Issues like:
“Finding a mate the 2nd time around – helping divorced sisters find a great spouse”, “The Green Card Issue – yes we're going there!”, “Single Sisters Etiquette, do's and dont's in public”, “Things for Older Sisters to Consider when finding a Good Spouse”, “Red Flags to avoid in any situation”, “the Mother-in-Law factor”, “Love across many cultures – deciphering culture vs. faith”, “When to try for Children” “Finding a Spouse Online” - and many more!

Please note: This series is not meant to diminish the general Islamic principles of what to look for in a spouse or our rights as women/wives in Islam. This series is designed to highlight topics not generally covered, but nonetheless important subjects to broach, especially for converts new to the Faith and Muslim community.

Stay tuned and have a happy Eid!


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  1. Has anyone heard of It looks like a pretty neat free training for single Muslimahs looking to get married, from Practimate's trainer Sr. Megan Wyatt.